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Wow did 2016 get here fast!

Before I get into some health and fitness numbers that you should be concerned with, allow me to share some numbers relevant to me.

Later this year it will have been 20 years since I graduated high school and 16 and 14 years since I graduated with my bachelors and masters, respectively.


It’s really hard to believe I’ve been out of school for that long.

Moving on…here are those numbers that will help bring some clarity to getting 2016 started the right way so that you do reach your goals ASAP.

5 – Meals/Snacks/Feedings per day that you REALLY need to get in each and every day. I can with 100% certainty guarantee you that my clients, who have dropped 10, 20, 30, even nearly 100 pounds, for one lady a few years ago, ate five times per day without fail. You stand a much better chance eating frequent meals per day to help boost your metabolism and keeping it burn red hot and melting stored up calories all day long than missing meals or trying to amp up your amount of exercise beyond what it necessary to improve fitness and fat loss.

180 – Minutes of Cardio per week to help you burn enough calories to get rid body fat consistently. Permanently and positively changing your metabolism largely is due to eating healthy and intense strength training, but cardio is still an important piece to the weight loss puzzle. Those 180 minutes should be spread out fairly evenly throughout the week, like 30 minutes each day for six days each week. But if you need to do 45 minutes four times per week so that you get it done regularly then later finding time to spread out some of that time to a fifth and even sixth day then that strategy is perfectly fine.

0 – Cheat Meals/Days for the next four weeks. We all did more than our fair share of eating cheat type foods the last quarter of 2015, building up from before Halloween all the way through New Years Day. So, how about doing a nice detox of cheat foods until February to help cleanse your body of unsupportive foods and cravings to help you get on the right track and drop some pounds. Sounds like a great time to get in the kitchen and use those 50 Lean in ’16 recipes that I sent out recently. Hint, hint!

30 – Days of commitment for developing better habits. Take the next month to show yourself the discipline and structure to greatly improve your lifestyle habits. You only have bad habits that keep you in your comfort zone and that uncomfortable body fat stuck on you to get rid of so that you can soon enjoy a slimmer, more toned you.

1 – Gallon of pure clean water per day. Let’s be honest, may be you don’t really need to drink one gallon of water for your body size. To know approximately how much you need take half of your body weight and convert that number to ounces (ex: 150 pound person needs about 75 ounces). But shooting for 1 gallon of water per day is a nice goal. And remember that water you use to mix protein drinks counts too. Start off the day drinking a cup or two every 30 minutes throughout the day to tackle getting more water consumed regularly

1/2 – permanent pounds dropped each week. Half of a pound every seven days may not sound like much, but when you know that the excess body weight you are burning off each week will be permanently gone for good then you can be very excited. Think about it – just getting rid of half of a pound per week over the course of one month is two ugly pounds gone! If you’re able to drop one pound per week then that is even better. By the time that beach vacation comes in June you could have 10 pounds or more melted from your frame and feeling wonderful about how your 2016 is shaping up while others are complaining and starting their fourth diet of the year.

Your Fitness Numbers in 2016

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