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Here we go with the final part in my three part series for keeping your holidays happy by not gaining weight, and possibly losing weight.  Check out part one here and part two here.

  1. Practice Daily Relaxation – Now I’m not saying you need to drag out the yoga mat, sit cross legged, and produce a low humming sound to relax. Relaxing to de-stress could be doing as little as putting the electronic devices away and sitting quietly and calmly focusing on the silence and your breathing. I know, it sounds close to the yoga mat thing.  But just taking a few minutes to carve out some silent time and let your mind rest can be very powerful.  It will allow you to refocus your mind and body for better health.
  1. Put on Your Dress Pants – At least once per week you need to put on some perfectly fitting dress pants or jeans to gauge how your recent plan has been going. If your pants are fitting just right or a little loose, then great! If you feel them getting tighter then you need to get after it and do better next week.  This is a great dose of reality if you use it consistently.
  1. Increase Your Cardio – I want to emphasis that you should be doing hard, leg and lung burning, heavy breathing, and sweaty cardio. Does that give you the picture? If 30 minutes goes by and you don’t feel like what I described then you’re not getting much done in the way of big time calorie burning.  If you think your cardio efforts are lacking then we need to talk and I’ll gladly push you through a short cardio example so that you do know how it needs to be done.

There you have it! That ends my list of great fitness and fat burning tips you can easily apply not only throughout the holidays but year round to supremely improve your overall health and fitness.

Let’s end 2014 on an awesome note and get set for crazy good success in 2015!

How NOT to Gain 10 Pounds by 2015 – Part III

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