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It’s usually a forgone conclusion this time of year that people gain weight.  What with all the holiday parties to go to, co-workers bringing that must have dish to the office, and baking and making our own traditional foods of the season, it is no wonder why we all accept putting on some fat weight in the last month (or two months) of the year.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

One thing I’ve always made a point to mention this time of year is that staying the same (i.e. – not gaining weight) is a HUGE victory given the holidays.  Doing what is necessary to not allow yourself to put on any puff pounds is like a get out of jail free card.

Here is the first part of your holiday blueprint below.  These tips are so powerful that you might even drop a few pounds if you follow these simple rules all the way into New Years day.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water – We mostly think of water during the hot summer months. But keeping yourself hydrated year round goes a long way in helping keep pounds off. Water helps with keeping you full between meals, prevents false hunger, and helps fully digest food so that your body doesn’t pack those excess calories on as body fat.
  1. Stick to Your Regular Routine – I’ve seen many people (and clients) over the years completely drop their fitness regimen the last several weeks of the year. As a personal trainer, it always baffled me why someone would all of the sudden throw in the towel just because of the time of year and all the treats and eats they knew they were going to consume. That is one of the easiest ways to pack on the pounds quickly.  No matter what you food and drink consumption will be like during December, DON’T STOP WORKING OUT!  If you’re not already getting in at least six days per week of rigorous exercise then you should be, even if you only have time to 20 minute.  As always, anything is better than nothing.
  1. Ease Up On Your Own Carbohydrates – With all the over eating of high calorie, high carbohydrate foods this time of year, you should be on the look out to slightly lessen your own carbohydrate consumption. Notice I’m saying “slightly” and “ease up” on eating high yielding carbohydrates when you are eating meals that you prepare or order at a restaurant. Don’t completely remove healthy carbohydrates from your meals to the point where all you are getting is sugary carbohydrate type foods at parties, etc. I’m just saying that you should be mindful of eating about half the amount of carbohydrates you would normally eat at a regular meal.  So, instead of a whole fist of brown rice on your plate or two small pieces of fruit, opt to cut that back to half that amount.  This strategy will actually have a sort of caloric staggering effect with high and low days of calorie consumption throughout the month so that you don’t over do it the majority of the time and your metabolism will get a boost to help you burn off those holiday foods a little easier.

Tomorrow I’ve got part two!  See you then.

How NOT to Gain 10 Pounds by 2015 – Part I

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