holiday survival guide

The holidays are officially in full swing, and that can mean gaining 10 pounds on average for most people during these last couple of months of the year.

I’ve put together a starter list for surviving the holidays and at least not gaining a pound and perhaps losing some excess body fat.

Here we go…

Get the Junk Out of the House

Halloween is over. If there is still any candy left in your house, then it must go!

Throw it out. Give it to a neighbor. Send it as care package to a friend or someone in our armed forces. Whatever you must do to get it out of your house. Just don’t consume it.

And while you’re at it, get rid of all the other junk in your kitchen.

Toss out all the convenient, processed, man-made food you have lining your pantry or freezer.

Put the Good Stuff in Your House

Now that you’ve made space in your pantry and freezer, it is time to make a trip to the grocery store and pick up some fresh foods, frozen fruits and tasty seasonings to help you prepare good, clean, healthy meals.

Be sure to load up your basket with items along the perimeter of the store where the fresh proteins, fruits, and vegetables are located. Only a small handful of items should be shopped for down the aisles, like plain oatmeal, natural peanut butter, and olive oil or coconut oil.

Don’t be afraid to pick up several seasonings to cook with. The ones I always seem to use in my favorite recipes are salt, black pepper, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, oregano, Italian seasoning, and parsley flakes. Also, you can try an all-in-one low sodium seasoning like Mrs. Dash or other brands with flavors you might like.

Skip Out on Cheat Days

You’re most likely going to do enough overeating and indulging in high calorie foods in the next two months. Putting your cheat days or cheat meals on the sidelines for an extended period is a wise move.

You’re going to have parties and all kinds of get togethers to attend where the food and drink selection will not be to your fat burning advantage. I strongly recommend you use as many days, when you’re in control of your eating environment, as possible over the next 2-3 months to eat as clean and well as possible with low calorie, all natural foods.

In fact, every time you eat a full meal, make one-half of your plate veggies, one-quarter protein, and one-quarter starch (and maybe even skip the starches and fruits in the afternoons and evenings).

Still eat frequently. Don’t dare skip meals trying to save calories or feeling guilty for over doing it the night before. Follow this daily template – Full meals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with snacks or smaller meals at mid-morning and mid-afternoon to help you round out a supportive nutrition day.

Map Out Holiday Parties

This area might be a little tricky, but still very doable. Most likely you know how many holiday parties you’ll be attending and when they will be happening.

So, the plan here is to get your mind right and plan how you’re going to operate at these parties when it comes to food and drink. Some good tips on not overeating at a party are…

  1. Eat a small healthy meal about 30 minutes before going to the party to help fill you up.
  2. Keep a bottle of water in your hands or nearby always.
  3. Use a small plate and just get a small bit of the foods you want to enjoy a few bites of.
  4. Don’t accept taking leftovers home (unless it is the healthy dish you brought, wink wink!)

Find Time to Squeeze in More Exercise

This could be as easy as getting in an extra full workout each week, especially if you aren’t getting in at least five workouts on average. If you’re only getting four workouts or less each week then you’ve got room to schedule at least one more day to get a good workout done.

One thing to consider is to do an extra 5-10 minutes during each workout you get right now. So, if you can only get in four days of working out each week then just add some extra time to what you’re already doing.

You can also easily get some micro-workouts around the office or at home by doing a minute of exercise every so often throughout the day that can add up to an extra 30 minutes or more each week.

Start these tips IMMEDIATELY!

Don’t think that you don’t have time or the brain power to waste on brushing up your fitness and nutrition plan during this time of the year. Keeping 10 pounds off is great, but getting rid of some body fat before New Year’s would be awesome.

Holiday Survival Guide

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