easy tailgating turkey burgers

There haven’t been too many turkey recipes over the years that I’ve really enjoyed as much as I’ve enjoyed this one since I found it.

This recipe is great for several reasons.  It’s delicious, it’s healthy, and it’s versatile.  With just three total ingredients you have room to dress these burgers up however you want or add more to the recipe before grilling.

You can also make them small for slider style burgers if you’re entertaining a group for tailgating or hosting a football watch party.

Let’s take a look…

Makes: 4 burgers

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Cook Time: 10-15 minutes


1 pound Lean Ground Turkey Breast

¼ cup Applesauce (no sugar added)

2 tsp Salt Free Seasoning (Mrs. Dash, etc.)

Whole Wheat Buns


Preheat grill or skillet.  Use a small amount of cooking spray or oil (olive or coconut).

In a medium bowl, mix together ground turkey, applesauce, and seasoning until all ingredients are one consistency.

Form mixture into patties and place on hot grill or skillet.  Patties may be a bit loose due to adding applesauce, but they will turn out very moist and tasty.

Cook about 6-8 minutes on each side or until done all the way through.

Dress up burgers however you want.  Picture has cheese and sliced avocado on it.  You can also eat a patty without the bun, or have some sweet potato fries or veggies on the side.

Hope you enjoy!

Source: www.pinterest.com/jennieorecipes/turkey-burger-recipes)

Easy Tailgating Turkey Burgers

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