PART 1 – Setting the Foundation

Clean Out Your Kitchen

Alright, the holidays are essentially over, so it’s time to toss out the bad food. Feed your trash can or disposal all the leftovers and sweets hanging around your kitchen. You know what you need to get rid of. You don’t need me to spell it out for you. Don’t justify keeping anything around. Just trash it!

Time for a Trip to the Grocery Store

Make a list of all the clean food you’ll be shopping for at the grocery store. Be sure to pick up plenty of lean proteins, fresh fruits and veggies, and any seasonings you’ll need for cooking.

Write Out Your 2017 Goals

Yes, write out what you aim to accomplish. Don’t just think about them. Write them down and post them in at least three spots that you go to regularly (fridge, bathroom mirror, work, etc). Keep reminding yourself of what you are working towards. I strongly suggest you write down two to three goals that are separate of each other.

Example: Get rid of 20 pounds, perform at least 15 pushups, cook at least five nights per week.

If you need some help identifying realistic fitness goals for your 2017, then let’s talk soon!

abs memeKeep Your Meal Template Simple

I strongly recommend keeping things very simple with your meals. As simple as grilled chicken breast, brown rice, and green beans. Going by that same lean protein, starch, and veggie template will help make it easy on you and allow for more adherence. Your daily meal template should be very close to the following:

Meal 1: Lean Protein, Starch and/or Fruit, and Veggies (if applicable)

Meal 2: Lean Protein, Starch and/or Fruit, and Veggies (if applicable)

Meal 3: Lean Protein, Starch and/or Fruit, and Veggies (if applicable)

Meal 4: Lean Protein and Veggies (if applicable)

Meal 5: Lean Protein and Veggies (if applicable)

Note: A simple way to take care of a couple of meals or feedings during the day is to use a protein shake for meals 2 and 4 along with a piece of fruit in the AM and a small dose of health fat (peanuts, almonds, etc) in the PM. Meals 1, 3, and 5 should really be food meals to help boost your metabolism as much as possible. Also, you’ll notice that I’ve stopped all starch and fruit consumption after lunch or early afternoon. This strategy will help you burn up those energy yielding nutrients in the later part of the day and prevent the chance of those carbs getting stored as fat at night.

Make Water a Big Priority

Sometimes water gets underestimated in the fat loss scheme. You should be shooting to get in close to or at least one gallon of water per day. Keep in mind the fact that water help keep you full between meals, hydrates, flushes out toxins, boosts metabolism, and all kinds of other benefits.

Okay, those five areas should easily help you set the foundation for big results in 2017. Only YOU can do the work needed to earn the results that you want. If you want the results bad enough then you’ll get it done!

2017 Fitness Results Blueprint – Part I

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